We’re delighted to announce that our Ecological Lesson Plans for the New Welsh Curriculum (2022) are now available. Cynefin Lesson Plans and Teacher Resources for the New Welsh Curriculum can be sampled free, HERE using Chapters 1 and 2 of our story. Then, after joining, a wide range of new New Welsh Curriculum 2022 Lesson Plans is available for our whole story.

More about our New Welsh Curriculum Teachers Resources

Croeso – welcome – to ‘Lost on Infinity’ – the award-winning ecological musical audiobook from Rockford’s Rock Opera.

Our dramatized ecological stories have been used as the basis for learning activities for over 10 years. Covering topics such as extinction, biomimicry, habitats, endangered species, and lots more, they are an utterly original and hopeful take on the world’s current ecological challenges. Loved equally by children and adults.

Our lesson plans focus on KS2, but younger and older children are engaged by our stories.

Our new Welsh Curriculum ecological lesson plans can be used in class, in smaller groups, or in person. The activities are cross-curricula and can be used as a larger class topic or run alongside your curriculum. All the Welsh Curriculum lesson plans are designed with the Four Purposes. They have a particular focus on ecology, extinction, and the natural wonders of the world.

As is highlighted on the Welsh Government Website, the new Welsh curriculum, aims to prepare young people to develop higher standards of literacy and numeracy. Also to become more digitally and bilingually competent, and to be confident, capable, and compassionate citizens – citizens of Wales and citizens of the world.

On every lesson plan you will find new Welsh Curriculum Links. We have listed the Area of Learning and Experience that the lesson plan encompasses. We have also included the Skills Integral to the Curriculum and the Cross-Curricula Responsibilities you will be using while doing the activity.

Cynefin and Lost on Infinity

Our ‘Lost on Infinity’ dramatised audiobook story and the activities below support you to explore cynefin within your curriculum. The activities encourage you to look at your local area (this could be your town, your city, or even just outside of the school) and also think about our planet as a whole, and the impact humans are having on it.

You will be prompted to look at cynefin in a number of contexts: historical, geographical, scientific, etc.

We hope you and your pupils will enjoy Lost on Infinity and our new Welsh Curriculum Lesson Plans and Teaching Resources. We’d love to hear from you and would actively welcome any feedback you and your pupils might have.