Rockford’s Rock Opera Musical Audiobook

We launched Rockford’s Rock Opera’s first ecological musical story, Lost on Infinity, in 2008. At the time, the idea of an ecological musical story (or an ecological musical audiobook) was a little left field. Of course, those working in ecology were aware of the growing ecological crisis (they had been for years) but, in the mainstream media and in schools, ecological issues, climate change, animal extinction and endangered species didn’t have anything like the coverage they rightly do now.

The idea of an ecological musical story or an adventure featuring recently extinct animals was seen as a bit odd, or a rather worthy perhaps!

But how times have changed… in the eco world and beyond.

Musical Ecological and Funny

Looking back, we were obviously aware that the ecological crisis and the extinction or species was a growing issue. And it was obviously clear that there were very few ways in which children (teachers and adults) could learn about ecological and extinction topics in a really engaging, even, entertaining way… rather than simply being depressed. We wanted our ecological musical story to be thought-provoking, yes, but we also wanted the story to be funny, inspiring and hopeful.

And, we’re delighted to say, it is!

Ecological Musical Stage Show

Years later and Rockford’s Rock Opera’s ecological musical adventures are now being used in thousands of schools around the world (we also provide KS2, 7 – 9-year-old teaching materials to go with the story). We’re also now developing a play of our musical story for the stage (teachers across the world have already produced many school productions of Lost on Infinity).

And there’s talk of an ecological musical film too in the not-too-distant future.

But really, we’d just like people to hear our ecological musical story now – as it was intended originally a decade ago – on our audiobooks.