? International Tiger Day raises awareness for tiger conservation, promoting worldwide protection for these majestic creatures and their habitats. Let’s support tiger conservation and increase awareness to save them from threats like poaching, human conflict, and habitat loss.

? Tigers face multiple threats worldwide, including poaching and illegal trade for their bones and skins. This billion-dollar industry endangers their sub-populations and must be stopped. Join the fight against poaching and support charities working to protect tigers.

? Habitat loss is another major threat to tigers. Only 7% of their historical range remains intact today, leading to conflicts and reduced genetic diversity. Let’s preserve their habitats and prevent further decline.

? International Tiger Day began in 2010 to address the alarming news that 97% of wild tigers had vanished. Today, with just around 3,000 left, we must act to protect and expand their habitats. Join organizations like WWF, IFAW, and Smithsonian Institute in raising awareness and supporting conservation efforts.

? Observe International Tiger Day by adopting a tiger through WWF or donating to a tiger charity. Spread awareness on social media and share videos, infographics, and content about tiger conservation. Together, we can secure a fruitful future for these incredible animals.