New educational resources available NOW!

For the past 6 months we’ve been working on a new education section for the Rockford’s Rock Opera website and specifically our ‘Lost on Infinity’ dramatized audiobook. Over the past 10 years, many thousands of schools have used our stories to help teach primary/junior school children about endangered animals, ecological issues, and extinction. At a time when children are bombarded with information about climate change and the effect it’s having on animal and plant life, Lost on Infinity has provided a welcome escape from the many, worthy, but depressing materials available around the subject.

As I’ve mentioned before, Lost on Infinity (or Rockford’s Rock Opera as it was originally known) started life as a musical story NOT an educational resource. As a result, its purpose was to be entertaining, thought-provoking, fun (and a bit scary at times), rather than simply to provide information for the classroom. Perhaps that’s why it’s proved such a hit with schools, pupils, teachers and parents. Over the past years over 10,000 schools have used our materials, songs and animations in class.

Dramatised audiobook education resources

Now with the launch of our new education section, teachers can discover our story and accompanying resources cover all aspects of the KS2 (years 7-8) curriculum FREE and then, if they like the content, sign up to an inexpensive membership appropriate to their needs. We have both individual, classroom and multi-classroom options available.

To find out more about the dramatized ecological audio story and our dramatised audiobook education resources, take a look at this page, then to sample the story and free resources, click here or, to purchase your membership have a look here.

We do hope teachers and pupils will enjoy learning about extinction and endangered species with our hopeful, entertaining audio story. Please let us have your feedback too, we’re updating our materials all the time so we’d love to hear from you.