Episode 3 – Welcome to Infinity

In our third episode, Rockford and Ick land on the mysterious Island of Infinity to meet a large bird (a bit like Stephen Fry) and a rather scary insect (very like Mr. Parsons). And it’s only now that the Cocklebur Ick realises why she’s on the Island and that it’s been terrible for Rockford to come here. 

But, as you know, this is a kids story podcast with a twist because after you’ve enjoyed the audio adventure (18 minutes) Steve Punt, Elaine and Matthew Sweetapple will be telling you more about the science and secrets behind the story, about flightless birds, giant insects and lots more.

Everything you wanted to know, plus some stuff you didn’t…

EPISODE 4 will be out next MONDAY!

About ‘Lost on Infinity’

This unique kids podcast features our award-winning story, ‘Lost on Infinity‘, which is available as a children’s audiobook on Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music. The Times described it as “Amazing”.

To find out more about us and our stories visit: www.RockfordsRockOpera.com

The Rockford’s Rock Opera songs featured in this episode are:
1. Lost on Infinity (single version)
2. I am The Registrar
You can hear full versions of both of these on Apple Music, Spotify, and on our website too.

If you’ve any questions about our story or any of the science and secrets we talk about, please email us at: rockford@sweetapple.co.uk (if you’d like us to include your questions in an upcoming episode of the podcast then please do ask your parents to give their permission in the email).

Thanks for listening!