Lost on Infinity is an ecological audiobook which is used in thousands of schools across the world to teach about endangered species, the natural world and much more.

To hear our Lost on Infinity ecological audio book simply click here or if you’d like to sample the first two chapters along with free lesson plans and teaching resources you can find that here.

It all started with an Adventure

Lost on Infinity was not however conceived as an educational resource rather, it was created as a dramatic story that just happened to have extinction and cast of endangerer and extinct creatures at its heart.

In this way the story and adventure were always at the heart of the project – we never allowed the need for educational content to get in the way of a great engaging story. This is possibly the reason why so many children, and indeed adults, love Lost on Infinity and why it has become such a firm favourite ecological audiobook in so many schools. Teachers, schools and children enjoy the story for the story’s sake rather than for its educational content.

A great deal of the subject matter around extinction ecology and endangered species can be rather depressing, scary, and even boring to children who are exposed to the problems of our world on such a regular basis. And this is why an award-winning story with ecology and extinction interwoven into a funny and exciting narrative is such a brilliant resource.

An Ecological Audio Book that’s real… and Imagined

Within our ecological audiobook children can meet real characters, such as the Moa bird the Thylacine, the Passenger Pigeon, the Dodo, the Rice Rat and many more real extinct creatures, in addition, they can meet other imagined creatures created to add to the drama and to inspire conversation and creative thinking.

It’s not as if there aren’t enough real extinct creatures to populate any story, but we felt that imagined characters would help children to understand all the different aspects that go into extinction. Indeed, scientists reckon that 99.9% of creatures that have ever lived are now extinct, so clearly many of those died out on their own without humans help!

So, if you’re looking for an award-winning ecological audio book to cover all aspects of the primary curriculum, especially in key stage 2 for seven to eight-year-old children, Rockford’s Rock Opera’s Lost on Infinity has everything you need.

An Eco Audio Resource for Schools

If you’re accessing our ecological audiobook at school, you can sample the first two chapters free with their accompanying lesson plans and resources and then if you’d like, take out a membership and listen to the whole story in class. The story can be listened to as audio only or with video depending on your preference – in many cases schools like to mix and match certain chapters to listen to and others to watch.

As you’ll see from our reviews from across the world, not only from the UK but also from the United States, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries, Lost on Infinity is a fantastic educational ecological resource at a time when we all need something rather more hopeful than the news to introduce these important topics to the minds of young children. As is clear, it will probably be the children of today who find the solutions for tomorrow and we’re delighted to say that Lost on Infinity by Rockford’s Rock Opera has already proven an inspiring way in which children can discover, not only the facts but also some of the hope behind the current ecological crisis.

We do hope you enjoy our ecological stories and please do get in touch with any suggestions or comments.