Looking for some wonderful free Christmas Fun, Puzzles, and Games for children?

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A Magical Christmas Song for Children

As you may know, our world-famous Rockford’s Rock Opera children’s audiobooks all started with a very, very, very catchy and cute Christmas song… Christmas Morning (Rockford’s Christmas Song), originally released to support the UK’s Battersea Dog’s and Cat’s Home charity in the early 2000’s. Since then the song’s fame has spread and now it’s a part of Christmas for thousands of children and families around the world.

You can download Rockford’s Christmas Song FREE here, or you can WATCH IT below with a cute video, made for the original Battersea release back in 2003.

The song has always been very popular in schools. So, to add to the festive fun, for teachers and parents we have created free teaching resources, puzzles, and games you can download to enjoy with Rockford’s Christmas Song in the run up to Christmas! They’re suitable for ALL ages.

The song lyrics are here too, so you can all sing along!

Click on the PDF links below for our FREE Christmas Puzzles, Games, and Resources:

Rockford’s Grow your own Christmas Tree Game (ages 3+) PDF
Rockford’s Christmas Stocking Game (ages 3+) PDF
Rockford’s Christmas Lesson Plans All Ages PDF

So much more to discover!

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It’s a wonderful story for Christmas, ideal for long journeys and cold festive nights!

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Happy Christmas Everyone!