It’s THAT time of the year again… when Christmas Morning (Rockford’s Christmas Song) returns to run manically around in our heads for a few weeks before returning to its kennel for another year.

For any of you who don’t know the story of Rockford’s Christmas Song and how it led to Rockford’s Rock Opera, here’s a lovely documentary video we made, must be 10 years ago now, with a wonderful primary school, Foulds in Barnet, about their recording of a ‘remix’ of the song.

Simply scroll down the page HERE until you find Rockford’s Documentary on the left-hand side 🙂

The video also explains a little bit about the creation of Rockford’s Rock Opera. Even ten years ago the story was being heard around the world. Amazing to think, all these years after,

that more children than ever are enjoying our stories (all four of them now) and, of course, singing Rockford’s Christmas Song!

Happy Christmas to you all and, if you have any memories of Rockford’s Christmas Song (or Rockford’s Rock Opera), do let us know at: